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Women Culture and Society Final Paper - Nicole Mazza Women...

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Nicole Mazza Women Culture and Society Final Paper December 13, 2011 The Century of Patriarchy During the semester, there were a wide variety of topics that were discussed. From patriarchy to hermaphrodites, we covered a lot of things. There were two topics that I thought not only connected well together, but also gave me a personal marker in my own life. Before this class, I would probably have not noticed in it my every day life. However, I think that Patriarchy and gender in the media go hand in hand with a lot of topics and controversies in the world around us. Within patriarchy there are issues like males as the primary authority figure, how arguments between woman and man brings out patriarchy, and lastly what effects the baby boom has had. Then, within gender and media we look at issues that all lie with in television, movies and magazines. Patriarchy and gender and media are not only separate issues, they are also problems with in each other. Allan G. Johnson defines patriarchy as a society that promotes male privilege by being male dominated, male identified, and male centered. It is also organized on or around an obsession with control and involves as one of its key aspects to the oppression of women (Johnson year the book was published, p. 95). In our society today, male dominance engulfs our lives, or so it seems. Everywhere you turn there’s a male CEO, plumber, or lawyer. What do all three of these professions have in common? They all have the reputation of being male dominated which in this day and age, women can’t be. One particular thing that
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screams out patriarchy that is part of our pop culture would be The Real Housewives series that started airing on the Bravo network in March 2006. The idea behind all six of these series is to focus on rich families and have their lives tapped. However, it’s not as simple as it seems. The underlying factor of this show is how patriarchy is a major theme of this show. None of these women go out and work. Their “job” is to stay home, take care of the kids, cook, clean, and stay in shape while their husbands go out and make all the big bucks. Not only do the housewives fulfill what a woman “should” do in life, these women allow their husbands think that they have all the control in the world over them. Growing up in an Italian household, you are taught to aspire to become a housewife since day one. Being one fulfills patriarchy goals giving in to catering to men and their families. But, not all housewives believe that they can only make their life male centered. They just think that their household work is as important as paid work. However, I never realized that I rejected this way of life until I took Women, Culture and Society. This class heightened my awareness about how patriarchy prevails in not only my own family but in a television series that I continuously watch. Why would these women want to stay home and not have their own career
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Women Culture and Society Final Paper - Nicole Mazza Women...

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