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Women Culture society

Women Culture society - Nicole Mazza Politics of Location...

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Nicole Mazza Politics of Location October 4 th 2011 For the past 19 years of my life, I have been brought up in an Italian household. My childhood memories consist of two things; food and family values. When you look at the typical Italian family that was us. The one thing I always knew that was important was family. Even as a little kid I always remembered being excited to see every member of the Mazza family, which was a frequent occurrence. I can proudly say that I quickly learned the importance of family even further when I went away to school in Rhode Island. I thought I would be okay with me being four hours away from everything I ever knew. Well, I was wrong. With my grandparents both very ill and me not being there for them, I felt like my life was turned upside down. So what did I do? What any Italian only child would do! Move 20 minutes away from my parents and grandparents, which is how I ended up at Rutgers. It was until I went away to college that I realized everything my parents did was to shape me into the young mature girl that I am today. In high school, I tended to stick with people who I thought had the same morals and values as myself but in college you don’t know people as well as the ones you’ve grown up on. My parents taught me the value of family and how to always do the right thing. Sitting in the middle of Rhode Island around people who had very different values made me appreciate the ones my family always stressed to me. However,
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