WRT 105 Procedure

WRT 105 Procedure - Nicole Mazza Dr. Penelope Hope...

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Nicole Mazza Dr. Penelope Hope February 1 st 2011 Writing 105 Section 7 Explanation of a procedure It was a normal Saturday morning at the University of Rhode Island. The snow covered campus looked bitter and cold as I ran up to my cozy dorm room. As I unlocked the door Alfonso, my boyfriend, calls me saying that he’s surprising me and coming up to visit me for the day. He claimed he was going to be here in 45 minutes. I was so excited until I opened my door all the way and saw the mess that my roommates had made. At first I couldn’t tell if I was even in the correct room. I had no idea where any of my belongings where let alone where my roommates where. As I walked in I started to see items that were familiar to me. Only thing different was that they were scattered through out my entire dorm room. The floor was absolutely covered! Clothes were thrown everywhere from the week, books were torn through on desks, food and energy drinks were overflowing the garbage can, and there were both my roommates, still cozy in bed as usual. Nothing woke them up. I didn’t even know where to begin. In order to clean a room and turn it into an OCD masterpiece, one must survey the situation and chose an area to begin with. In my case, I started with the floor. I flung clothes in all different directions, digging to see the tiled floor. Bras, underwear, glittery t-shirts and skirts
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WRT 105 Procedure - Nicole Mazza Dr. Penelope Hope...

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