WRT Chatpter One Assigment

WRT Chatpter One Assigment - Nicole Mazza Dr. Penelope...

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Nicole Mazza Dr. Penelope Hope February 1st, 2011 Writing 105-Section 7 Chapter 1 Summary Assignment One Pages (232-233) For a long time now Universities have favored “Legacy Admissions.” This is when students who applied to a University had a bloodline relative attend that school. Universities try to admit as many Legacy’s as they can in hopes of getting more support from Alumni, who are more likely to stay active if their son or daughter is attending the University. This means that the percentage of kids who get into their chosen University who are part of the Legacy Admissions instantly get in with out basing it off of academics. Now critics are claiming how unfair this process is and how it excludes other groups of people like minorities. Government officials are saying how they would like the universities to now put out an official number of how many legacies’ they are going to admit. Pages (224- 225) The Supreme Court has misjudged admissions standards in college admissions. They missed judging Legacy Admissions. Private Universities depends upon tuition and endowment income. 10% to 15% of students at many Ivy League schools are children of graduates and are also admitted in much higher rates then other students. For example, George W. Bush applied to Yale University which a C average from high school and a 566 SAT verbal score. He was also a third-generation legacy. Yale University accepted him and rejected others with far more impressive credentials. Private schools
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WRT Chatpter One Assigment - Nicole Mazza Dr. Penelope...

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