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ORGO lab 1 - Addition of HBr to 1-Hexene Abstract In this...

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Addition of HBr to 1-Hexene Abstract In this experiment, HBr was added to 1-hexene to investigate if bromohexane is produced according to Markovnikov's rule or not. Through the experiment, I observed that bromohexene, was in fact produced according to Markovnikov's rule. This was verified by the silver nitrate test and the sodium iodide test. Introduction The main goal of this experiment was to investigate the addition of HBr to the unsymmetrical1- hexene. This ionic reaction produces 2-bromohexane according to Markovnikov's rule. Things to consider: In general, common alkenes are non-miscible with aqueous hydrombromic acid. Moreover, the layers are inert if they are not mixed properly. HBr protonates water to produce a hydronium ion, H 3 O + , and a weaker acid that HBr will not protonate the alkene rapidly as we would like in mild conditions such as those in this experiment. The leftover of water causes the possibility of interaction between acid catalyzed byaddition of water to alkene. A quatenary ammonium salt acts as a transfer catalyst. It causes a separation of the aqueous and organic phase. Essentially, tetrabutyl ammomium bromide makes it more reactive to the alkene and increases the addition more possible. Main Reaction Table of Reagents CompoundMW (g/mol)Theoretical weight or volumeActual weight or volumeMoles1- hexene84.150.5mL0.53mL4.24x10 -3 mol48% Hydrobromic Acid80.92.00mL (x0.48)1.91mL (x0.48)3.52x10
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ORGO lab 1 - Addition of HBr to 1-Hexene Abstract In this...

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