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Batman : The Dark Knight Returns introduced a new darker more interesting Batman, and more importantly a role model. The 3 rd Chapter , entitled Hunt The Dark Knight was the section least discussed in class so it will be the one that is examined in this paper. Frank Miller’s aged batman has internal demons and violent struggles that are reinforced by his art style. All the lead male characters in the comic are drawn to be muscular to a ridiculous degree. It is as if they all are 300 pounds of pure muscle, even the typically scrawny joker seems to be pushing 250. Drawing the lead males as muscle heads is a way of showing the reader how these individuals are the alpha dogs and serve as possible male role models for the delinquents of Gotham City. Gotham as a city is drawn in a very dark way. The cityscape is drawn all with gray, blacks and thick lines. This art style gives the city a gritty feeling. For example on page 106, the liquor store that batman is in has a grey floor, grey walls, grey shelves, grey and
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