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Golden Era of Hip-Hop

Golden Era of Hip-Hop - 2.16 Golden Era of Hip-Hop Movement...

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2.16 Golden Era of Hip-Hop - Movement from underground, newly created/popular hip-hop culture to an industry (distribution of music, studio recording/usage...) Hip-Hop in the 1980’s - Post-civil rights era influences on hip-hop - Reagonomics - Blacks entering mainstream pop culture (Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Eddie Murphy, Oprah Winfrey...) - Splintering of civil rights coalition (class, race, ethnicity) - Anti-apartheid movement and rise in anti-racism organizing - Racial tensions in urban communities (Howard Beach and Crown Heights) - Formation of crack economy (rise throughout the 1990’s) Jeff Chang, Ch. 12, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop - Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons: interracial collaboration to build on of the most successful hip-hop companies - Importance of outer boroughs and suburbs to hip-hop’s growth - “the black belt” on Long Island: racially segregated suburbs o Civil sector employment; lower middle class o White cops treating black suburbs as “advancing borders”; buffer zones -
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