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hip hop fashion

hip hop fashion - Michael Specter “I am...

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4.18 Ghetto - Geographic - Racial and historic space - Discursive > discourse - Coded as negative; articulation of the ghetto - Raptor: rapper turned actor Final Exam Tuesday, May 10 th 2-3pm Hip Hop Fashion - Importance of style to black culture and self-determination - Fashion as the process of “mixing”, similar to other hip hop forms; importance of cultural appropriation - Notion of “empire building” or construction of “a new American Dream” - Fashion as promoting gender divides - Black male body as new but important figure to the fashion industry which has traditionally focused on white women - Branding of lifestyle through hip hop fashion advertising
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Unformatted text preview: Michael Specter: “I am Fashion”-Profile of Sean Combs-Hip hop as opening up other access to capitalism and dominant culture-Questioning of his credibility-Phat Farm and Sean John inspired by Ralph Lauren Christopher Smith: “I Don’t Like to Dream about Getting Paid”: Representations of Social Mobility and the Emergence of the Hip Hop Mogul”-Development of late twentieth century capitalism; economic boom of the Clinton years-Culture a period of excess-Rise of “no brow” culture-Someone who can represent the streets and the corporate man-30s/40s, black man – rising out of hip hop culture...
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