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hip hop paper 2

hip hop paper 2 - -Second paragraph should be brief...

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4.6 Writing Your Paper II - Thesis statement: “Although...”; needs an argument - Focusing your analysis: “For the purpose of this paper, I will examine... o ...this song by Lauryn Hill and this song by Ice T.” o Provide specifcs; lyrical evidence o Pull out three points from each song - Using three articles from sections - Tupac: Ch. 8 of Eithne Quinn’s - Lauryn Hill: don’t do “Killing me softly” or songs with the Fugees Thesis: Although both Lauryn Hill and Ice T experienced the fame of being involved in the evolution of hiphop, their music and lyrics project very polar opinions on sexism and gender issues, promoting hypermasculinity, racism, misogyny, and the demotion of homophobia. - Intro should be broad and display a topic.
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Unformatted text preview: -Second paragraph should be brief background on both rappers.-**MLA Handout-Quoting lyrics: o “And even as a crack fiend, mama/ You always was a black queen, mama” (Tupac “Dear Mama”).-In your bibliography o Hill, Lauryn. “Ex-Factor.” The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill . Columbia, 1998. o Salt N Pepa. “Push It.” Hot, Cool and Vicious . London, 1986 Tupac-Examples of what Michael Eric Dyson calls “the sacred and profane” in black music.-Black radical roots (mother a member of Black Panther party)-Named after 18 th century South American Inca leader who fought against colonization by Spain-Politicized badman of gangsta (according to Eithne Quinn) pg. 174/178-Love ethic / death drive....
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