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Hip hop paper

Hip hop paper - -Post-industrialization-Incorporation of...

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3.28 Writing Your Paper Style of rapping What they rap about Focus on songs and compare/contrast them Using Salt N Pepa, Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, NWA, Ice T, and Tupac Quote Tricia Rose Dialogism - exchange, open-ended, respond to critique Signifying - black cultural practices - academic reflexivity, variation - jargon = type of performance that calls out Enforcement of heternormative identities and styles of rapping (if youre a man do this, if youre a woman do this) Robin Kelley: “Kickin’ Reality, Kickin’ Ballistics” - To understand the use of violence and explicit language in gangsta rap, one needs to go back to blues music
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Unformatted text preview: -Post-industrialization-Incorporation of heavy funk samples o G-funk over P-Funk-Militarization of urban communities (response to rise in crime, gang culture, etc.) o police units as occupying forces o police brutality-Critique of capitalism o rise of drug economy-Meaning of “nigga” (210)-Class critique-Fear and hatred toward black women Intro to West Coast Rap-Ice T o Key early figure o Combining hiphop with heavy metal, formed the group Body Count in 1992 o Mythologizing “the pimp” o One of the bridges between east coast and west coast styles of rap o “Cop Killer” controversy...
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