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1.26 2/21 On Media Reserve : Krush Groove PRESENTATION: DREAM HAMPTON – REQUIRED ATTENDANCE 6-7:30 pm in the Plangere Center, 3 rd Floor, Murray Hall 2/23: NO CLASS On Media Reserve : CD compilation of golden era songs Music/Aesthetic Influences American culture as rooted in notions of hybridity As a hybrid form; no “pure” music or form o Call and response traditions o Hip hop music based in heightened speech, rhyming and oral traditions in black culture (ex. Double dutch, playing the dozens, naming, prophetic speech) o Black play and orality coming together in hip hop
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Unformatted text preview: Chang, Ch. 2, Cant Stop, Wont Stop Important of Jamaican musical traditions on the birth and growth of hip hop Defines music and musical scenes there as collective memory Like disco, importance of pre-recorded music What I call sound system culture Many of hip hops earliest pioneers are from Jamaica (ex. DJ Kool Herc growing up in the same area as Bob Marley) Music as a medium for political analysis in Jamaica Black nationalism and pan-Africanism...
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