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1.26 2/21 On Media Reserve : Krush Groove PRESENTATION: DREAM HAMPTON – REQUIRED ATTENDANCE 6-7:30 pm in the Plangere Center, 3 rd Floor, Murray Hall 2/23: NO CLASS On Media Reserve : CD compilation of golden era songs Music/Aesthetic Influences American culture as rooted in notions of hybridity As a hybrid form; no “pure” music or form o Call and response traditions o Hip hop music based in heightened speech, rhyming and oral traditions in black culture (ex. Double dutch, playing the dozens, naming, prophetic speech) o Black play and orality coming together in hip hop
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Unformatted text preview: Chang, Ch. 2, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop • Important of Jamaican musical traditions on the birth and growth of hip hop • Defines music and musical scenes there as “collective memory” • Like disco, importance of pre-recorded music • What I call “sound system culture” • Many of hip hop’s earliest pioneers are from Jamaica (ex. DJ Kool Herc growing up in the same area as Bob Marley) • Music as a medium for political analysis in Jamaica • Black nationalism and pan-Africanism...
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