Osumare Global Hip Hop and the African Diaspora

Osumare Global Hip Hop and the African Diaspora - bankrupt....

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5.2 Osumare: “Global Hip Hop and the African Diaspora” Hip Hop in Africa is less an issue of “appropriation” and more an opportunity to connect with a :root aesthetic” Uses the theory of “trans Atlantic black culture” Promoting a contemporary notion of pan Africanism that goes back over a century of activism and cultural production Ghettocentricity as important construct of hip hop to question social and economic hierarchies locally and globally Argues that hip hop as a mode of activism and social critique is alive and strong internationally unlike concerns in the US about hip hop being commercially
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Unformatted text preview: bankrupt. Final Exam Prep Rise of gangsta rap Hip hop cinema Hip hop fashion Gender and sexuality Homohop Hip hop as global youth culture Key Terms Appropriation Subculture Cultural expression as social critique Post-industrialization Ghetto as multi-layered construction Gender Sex Sexuality Hip hop mogul Commodity/commodification Blaxploitation Hood cinema (development, features, influences) thug life Illicit erotics Video vixen Homohop Homosocial Connective marginalities...
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