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Sheet1 Page 1 Equity Multiples from a DDM Enter the following inputs for the two-stage DDM (If you are using FCFE, compute the potential payout ratio = 1- FCFE/ Net Income) Current Inputs Current Earnings $11,041.00 (in $ per share) Book value of equity $51,713.00 ROE = 21.35% Revenues = $10.00 High Growth Period Length of high-growth period (n) = 5 (Number of periods) Growth rate during period (g) = 7.94% (in percent) Expected ROE = 21.35% Payout ratio during period (_) =
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Unformatted text preview: 62.810% (in percent) Cost of Equity during period = 6.90% (in percent) Stable Growth Period Growth rate in steady state = 2.50% (in percent) Payout ratio in steady state = 75.00% (in percent) Expected ROE = 10% Cost of Equity in steady state = 6.90% (in percent) Output Value of Equity = $238,171.40 Price/Earnings Ratio = 21.57 Price/Book Value Ratio = 4.61 Price/Sales Ratio = 23817.14...
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