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fcff3st - INPUTS FOR VALUATION Current Inputs Enter the...

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Page 1 INPUTS FOR VALUATION Current Inputs Enter the current revenues of the firm = $12,406 Enterr the current operating income of the firm = $855 Enter the current capital expenditures = $233 Enter the current dollar depreciation for the firm = $298 Enter the change in Working Capital in last year = $115 Enter the value of current debt outstanding = $- Cash and Marketable Securities at the firm = $850 Value of equity options issued by the firm = $1,500 Enter the number of shares outstanding = 1,500.00 High Growth Period Your Inputs Enter the growth rate in revenues for the next 5 years = 30.00% Your current pre-tax operating margin is 6.89% Enter the pre-tax operating margin you expect your firm to have in 30.00% (Operating Expenses include depreciation: This is equal to (1-EBIT/Sales)) How much debt do you plan to use in financing investments? 0% Enter the growth rate in capital expenditures & depreciation 30.00% Enter working capital as a percent of revenues 7.50% Enter the tax rate that you have on corporate income 36.00%
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