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a456dcb5b0cc1efaa8a0973b2a2241fb5fe7074c.xls Page 1 Using the models in this diskette The spreadsheet programs on this diskette are designed to supplement the book on valuation. While short descriptions of the models are provided, detailed questions can be best answered by referencing the appropriate section in the book. What do you need to run these programs? 1. Either Lotus 3.* or Excel 4.* (IBM) or Excel 4 (Mac). 2. The data for the firm that you want to value. A short description There are three groups of programs on this diskette -- I. Discounted Cashflow Valuation: (1) Dividend Discount Models (Steady State, 2 stage, 3 stage, H model) (2) Free Cashflow to Equity Models (Steady State, 2 stage, 3 stage) (3) Free Cashflow to Firm Models (2 stage, General) II. Relative Valuation: (1) PE Multiples (2) PBV Multiples (3) PS Multiples III. Option Pricing Models (1) Valuing Equity (2) Valuing Product Patents/ Start-up firms (3) Valuing Natural Resource firms A suggested sequence for the first-time user If you know the model you need, go directly to the program you need.
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