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April 7, 2009 Personal Identity Hume: skeptic- truth and justification standards apply to everything possible 1) Relations of Ideas- quality, quantity, modality, relation→ Perceptions →Impressions = clear and vivacious 2) Matters of fact- conditions for the possibility of experience that are themselves not justified *causality- Where is cause? Constant conjuncture A→B→C (inductive knowledge) Justified- can make deductive claims To be philosophically justified we must distinctly perceive a thing over time Principle of Identity- A=A Personal identity- you do not directly perceive yourself all the time Principal identity of Indiscernible Only 2 objects are indiscernible as long as they have the same properties Quantitive (numerical identity to itself in space) vs. Qualitive identity (likeness of
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Unformatted text preview: qualities of the thing Principle of the psychological continuity- who you are is who you identify with in your psyche (ex: transgender) Hume- Principle of space/time continuity- personal identity follows an objects physical dimensions over time We identify with the body Williams critique: Transitivity of Personal Identity- Charles is caused to have the same psychology as Lee Harvey Oswald. Robert is also imbued with Lee Harvey Oswald’s psychology. So x=4 y=4 therefore x=y. Possible solutions: • Focus on souls • Personal identity is not branching continuity; cannot separate • Give up personal identity • All change results in numerical...
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