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February 24, 2009 All qualities are secondary (10-15) Solidity- resistance to touch Number- dependent upon who counts and how Temperature- some people get warm/cold faster than others 1. Physical objects are collection of sensible qualities 2. Sensible qualities are nothing but ideas 3. Therefore physical objects are collection of ideas 4. Ideas exist only when perceived 5. Therefore, physical objects exists only when perceived Argument that all ideas are caused by Immaterial Substance 1) All effects must have a cause 2) I have ideas (perception), which are effects 3) Therefore, my ideas must have a cause 4) The cause of my ideas will either be perceptive or reflection 5) Reflections cannot be the original cause of my ideas. Ideas cannot cause ideas
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Unformatted text preview: (because they cannot represent that which acts (spirits)) 6) Therefore the cause of my ideas must be perception or immaterial substance Esse is percipi: 1) Nothing exists without the mind 2) Impossible to see/feel anything without an actual sensation of the thing 3) We don’t perceive any things besides our own ideas (sensation) 4) Fundamental objects are nothing but objects of sense Nature of ideas- ideas do not cause new ideas Ex) God, Genesis; thought of life and idea is created Rationalism: innate ideas Innate ideas + experience (the same thing, is it all semantic?)...
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