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Human Development I. Investigative techniques a. Cognitive processes develop over time b. Intellectual development depends on maturation and exposure to experience i. Experience can cause development if the person is mature enough for it c. Special methods for young populations d. Characteristics i. Preference ii. Novelty 1. New things iii. Behavior repetition based on rewards e. Preference technique f. Habituation technique g. Using rewards h. Visual cliff apparatus i. Researching memory and aging i. Longitudinal designs 1. Same people repeatedly over time ii. Cross sectional design 1. Many different people all at once II. Cognitive development a. Piaget i. The active mind 1. Information assimilation ii. Schema 1. Knowledge structures
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Categories for experience 3. Assimilation a. Incorporating info into schemata 4. Accommodation a. Fulfilling schemata requirements 5. Equilibration iii. Stage theory 1. Sensory-motor stage (Birth – 2 years) a. Learning by looking, touching, manipulating, etc. b. Action schemata thought = overt action c. No symbolic thought d. No object permanence at first 2. Preoperational stage (2-7 years) a. Overly concrete, irreversible and egocentric thinking b. Failure of conservation c. Can’t classify things 3. Concrete operational stage (7-12 years) a. Classification skills b. Understanding of conservation c. Lack of abstract reasoning 4. Formal operational stage (12 and above) a. Reason hypothetically b. Adolescent egocentrism iv. Problems with Piaget’s theory
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psy Human_Development - Human Development I Investigative...

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