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3RD PLANET STUDY GUID4 - Granite What state produces the...

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3 RD  PLANET STUDY GUIDE #3 NATURAL RESOURCES Texas Natural Resources   What six metals are mined or have historically been produced in Texas? Magnesium, Iron, Uranium, Mercury, Gold, + Silver.   Where and how is Texas magnesium obtained? Dissolved in sea water   What province contains the greatest number of Texas metal deposits?     Where and in what type of rock is Texas iron found?     Where and in what type of rock is Texas Uranium found?     What, in economic terms, is the most important metal ever produced in Texas?     Has gold and silver ever been produced in Texas? If so, where?     What industrial rocks and minerals are abundantly produced in Texas?  Portland cement-leading non-fuel Gypsum- #1 Crushed Rock- #3 Sand, Gravel, Clay- #3 clay production      What is dimension stone and where is most of Texas dimension stone quarried?
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Unformatted text preview: Granite What state produces the greatest amount of petroleum? Texas Where was the first significant petroleum discovery in Texas? Corsicana water wells What major petroleum province funds the Permanent University Fund? What was the single, largest, Texas oil field and where is it located? Spindletop Has Texas petroleum production peaked? Has most Texas oil already been produced? How much does the average Texas oil well produce per day? What is the typical recovery rate from Texas oil fields? Where is Texas coal found and what is its grade? What is asphalt, how does it form, and where can it be found in Texas? What is helium, where can it be found in Texas, and what are its major uses?...
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3RD PLANET STUDY GUID4 - Granite What state produces the...

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