3RD PLANET STUDY GUID5 - What is the artesian part of the...

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3 RD  PLANET STUDY GUIDE #3 NATURAL RESOURCES GROUNDWATER   What percent of Earth’s water is fresh? Where is most of that?     What is the most available source of fresh water?      Define porosity and permeability     Define the water table     Is it really flat like a table?     What is an aquifer? And aquiclude? A confined aquifer?     What determines which way water flows under the ground?      What is an artesian well? Under what conditions does an artesian well form?     How important is the Edwards aquifer to central Texas and to San Antonio?      What kind of rock forms the aquifer?     What is the bad-water line?
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    What is the contributing zone and what is its significance to the aquifer?     What is the recharge zone and how does most recharge occur? 
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Unformatted text preview: What is the artesian part of the Edwards aquifer? How (which way) does water flow through the aquifer? What are the three major interest groups using the aquifer? Does the entire Edward's aquifer contain enough water for our use? Can all of it be used? How do annual aquifer recharge and annual pumping related to each other? Does the aquifer appear to be running out of water? Can regions with equal rainfall have different amounts of usable water? What happened at the Catfish Farm, and what were the water issues? What is the Ogallala aquifer and what is happening to its water?...
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3RD PLANET STUDY GUID5 - What is the artesian part of the...

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