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Catastrophism versus Uniformatarianism

Catastrophism versus Uniformatarianism - Fossils at 10,000...

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Catastrophism versus Uniformatarianism          Observation                              Catastrophism                          Uniformatarianism Fossils   at   10,000   feet                                A   great   flood   &   upheaval            Slow  accumulation                                                                                                           of sediment and then slow  uplift                                                                                                    (implies a great amount of  time) A. Charles Lyell 1797-1875   Lawyer   turned   gentlemen   geologist,   student   of   Buckland   (Oxford   Professor   and   a  neptunist)               Visited the Auvergne area in 1828 and then went on to Italy. He saw Vesuvius,  the Temple of Jupiter Serapis near Pozzuoli and speculated about clam borings high on  its columns. He climbed Etna, 11,000 feet high and 30 miles in diameter then went to the 
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