Exploring Catholicism Final 1 Answers

Exploring Catholicism Final 1 Answers - 1 God is a...

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1. God is a life-saver/give and then as a husband to the people. 2. Daniel said that since the king did not humble himself and worship God and since he drank out of the silver and gold from the Temple in Jerusalem, his days would be numbered and his kingdom would be handed to the Medes and the Persians. 3. In order to regain Israel, after punishment, God says God will seduce her in the wilderness and make her God’s bride forever. 4. God asks the people to repent and return with all their hearts, with fasting and weeping. 5. God despises the festivals and sacrifices and commands that the people stop that and instead make sure there is justice and righteousness. 6. The mystery of evil is more difficult than the existence of God. It poses a limit on reasoning. Leads to the theodicy of : If God cannot prevent evil is he really omnipotent. If he can and doesn’t is he all good? If he is all god and all powerful, why is there evil? 7. Non-Christian “solutions” to the mystery of evil: Manichaeism, Gnosticism, and Zoroastrianism: Believe that God is both good and evil OR God is totally unknowable, but this God has two sons/angels, one is responsible for good, one for evil. Hinduism: Evil really doesn’t exist. It’s a bad dream and the truly enlightened person will wake up and see that it is a bad dream, it has no reality. Reincarnation is one way to handle evil. Evil begins with a heavenly sin and punishment is put into bodies as creation. Camus: Life is meaningless. Sisyphus’ pushing the rock is like life, meaningless. Sisyphus is happy (but Camus doesn’t say why). The Greeks: Even the gods can’t control destiny/fate. Why do things happen? It has to be, it’s destiny. Marxism: The start of evil is when a person is alienated from his/her self. The dignity of work – when people work, they’re building their identity and deserve rewards. If the reward is taken away, they are alienated. The exploiter should be working and is doesn’t, so is alienated from self. Laurence Durrell: “Alexandrien Quartet.” He’s fascinated by evil. Evil is the raw material for the artist. 8. The “traditional” Christian solution to the mystery of evil is that God creates God is all powerful, and God creates everything good. God creates beings that are free, and evil is the misuse of freedom. God permits evil. 9. C.S. Lewis : “The Problem of Pain.” Turns the question of evil on its head – If you look around and see all the evil in the world, how could you come to the notion of an all good, all powerful God? It’s impossible. How do you get praise of and trust in God, despite evil, in the first place?
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Guardini and Rahner : We’re not going to get the answers to evil, why innocent people suffer, etc. from only theology, theodicy, the Bible, etc. (except when you die). There is no answer, only God’s mysterious freedom, but a partial answer is given when we adore God, when you surrender to an incomprehensible God. 10. The classical problem of theodicy is the question of God and evil. Why do the
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Exploring Catholicism Final 1 Answers - 1 God is a...

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