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TEXAS AND THE UNIVERSE - 1958 – NASA formed 1961 – JFG...

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TEXAS AND THE UNIVERSE   III. Cosmic Texas Institutions   A. McDonald Observatory Johnson McDonald, a Paris banker, gave over 1 million dollars to the University of Texas  in 1926 for an astronomical observatory.   82-inch telescope dedicated in 1939 – (2 nd  largest in world) 107-inch telescope dedicated in 1969 Hobby-Eberly – 85 1-meter segments (11 meters)   B. Two-mile telescope Located near Marfa – antennae in 8 lines – records wave with 3-foot wavelengths from  quasars and galaxies with active nuclei   Johnson Space Center   1957 – Sputnik I
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Unformatted text preview: 1958 – NASA formed 1961 – JFG, lunar program, manned space center located near Houston Texas Meteorites More meteorite localities than any other state Examples: Falls and Fireballs – Examples Tektites – Glassy objects, the result of meteorite impact melt Texas Craters and Impact Sites A. Odessa Crater – 500’ x 16’ deep – iron meteorite B. Sierra Madera Structure – 20 miles south of FortStockton (Glass Mts.) 600’ high and 3 miles wide – remnant of a crater’s central peak...
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  • Johnson Space Center, A. McDonald Observatory, III. Cosmic Texas, B. Two­mile telescope, A. Odessa Crater

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