THE THIRD PLANET STUDY GUIDE 4 - Shaking, Liquefaction,...

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THE THIRD PLANET STUDY GUIDE #4  NATURAL DISASTERS What is the elastic rebound theory? The closer to the fault the more things move. Land is consistently moving at the fault.  Rocks will  bend  at the fault and when they break they will return to their original form  and place. Earthquakes that haven’t bent in a long time are more dangerous because  there is more stress on the rock for a longer period of time.    Where do most of the world’s earthquakes occur and what that explains location? 80% of all earthquakes occur around the pacific.    What is the Richter scale? A scale that provides the exact amount of energy releases from the earthquake.  Each division releases 30x’s the energy. What is the relationship between Richter magnitude and actual earthquake size?      What are the destructive agents associated with earthquakes?
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Unformatted text preview: Shaking, Liquefaction, Tsunami (Earthquake at sea, must be an up and down motion), Fire, Avalanche What are the major factors leading to loss of life during earthquakes? Size of Earthquake (magnitude), Population Density, Construction Style, Local Geology, Local Life Support Systems Given a large quake in an urban area, what is the single greatest contributor to loss of life? Population Density Does Texas have earthquakes? If so, how seismically active is Texas? Yes 1846-1986 106 Quakes Magnitude of 3 or greater a year. On average, how many Texas quakes per year are there? Has anyone ever been killed? 3 Nobody has ever been killed. But just across the border someone did....
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THE THIRD PLANET STUDY GUIDE 4 - Shaking, Liquefaction,...

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