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Version 1 Page 1 240 Practice Exam #3 Fall 2010 1. Four long straight wires carry equal currents into the page as shown. The direction of the magnetic FORCE exerted on wire F is: A) south B) west C) east D) zero E) north 2. Two of Maxwell's equations contain a path integral on the left side and an area integral on the right. For them: A) the path must be well-separated from the area B) the path must be the boundary of the area C) the path must pierce through the area D) the path must lie in the area, away from its boundary E) the path must be along a field line and the area must be perpendicular to the field line 3. Lines of the magnetic field produced by a long straight wire carrying a current are: A) leave the wire radially B) are lines similar to those produced by a bar magnet C) opposite to the direction of the current D) in the direction of the current E) are circles concentric with the wire 4. A 0.80-m radius cylindrical region contains a uniform electric field that is parallel to the axis and is increasing at the rate 5.0 × 10 12 (V/m)/s. The magnetic field at a point 0.50 m from the axis has a magnitude of: A) 2.8 × 10 5 T B) 0 C) 7.0 × 10 6 T D) 1.4 × 10 5 T E) 5.4 × 10 5 T
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Version 1 Page 2 5. A very short 1.0 mm (1.0 x 10 -3 m) segment of a wire carrys a 25 A current in the positive x direction. What is the magnitude of the magnetic field (in T) produced at the point (x=3m, y=4m)? . (3, 4) x y
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