BME333T Artcile Summary 1-23-12

BME333T Artcile Summary 1-23-12 - with baseball through...

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Kevin (Yang) Yuan UTEID : yy3554 Assignment 1 1) Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness ( ) Less is more. By having less, it gives you more freedom and more time, and thus more ease in life. Graham Hill suggests that by living “little” and reducing our footprint, we must edit ruthlessly, clear arteries of life, cut the extraneous, and stem inflow (think before we buy) We must set a new motto: small and sexy and only invest in what we are going to use all the time, things that are multi functional. In a world that is so clouded with tangible fulfillment and fickle happiness, Mr. Hill suggests that we all look at our lives and do a little life editing. Fill our “box” with the excess in our lives, it doesn’t matter what we put in it, as long as we make room for the “good stuff”, the things that will make us truly happy, be it tangible or intangible. 2) The Freedom of Baseball, Hillary Kambou ( ) In this piece by Hillary Kambou, she describes the range of sentimental ties linked
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Unformatted text preview: with baseball through reminiscing of her childhood and the association of sports with human emotions. She explains how baseball has taught her many life lessons and provided her the opportunity to bond with both her deceased father and her current children. Baseball and sports are timeless classics that provide athletes, simpletons, and zealous fanatics the opportunity to display their excitement, their rage, and their pride; sports provide the chance to get away from reality and just submerge yourself in a world where one strike can mean utter jubilation or unrestrained anger, where one basket can unite a family with formerly broken ties, and where anything is possible. Ms. Kambou continues to recognize sports is not without its flaws for it too is brimmed with its own 2 melodramatic elements of arrogance, superficiality, and cheating. But all in all, in a world where emotional catharsis is so hard to unleash, sports and the excitement built within it definitely makes it easier....
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BME333T Artcile Summary 1-23-12 - with baseball through...

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