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Unformatted text preview: PETROLEUM ENGINEERING UNDERGRADUATE CURRICULUM 2010‐2012 GEO 303 (401) Intro Geo M 408C (K&L) Calculus 1 (1&2) RHE 306 Rhetoric CH 301 Chemistry 1 PHY 303K Mech. & Heat PHY 103M Lab for 303K PGE 301 Intro to PGE M 408D (M) Calculus 2 (3) CH 302 Chemistry 2 GEO 416M Sed. Rocks PHY 303L Visual & Perf. Arts (16) Fall (17) Spring PGE 334 Geomechanics Elect. & Magnet. PGE 430 Technical Elect. PGE 362 Drilling Production PHY 103N Lab for 303L E M 306 E M 319 Statics PGE 323K PGER 323L Solids PGE 323M PGE 373L Reservoir 2: Fluid Fl Reservr 1: Prim. Rec Res. 3: Simulation Design M 427K Diff. Equations PGE 322K PGE 368 Transport Phen Well Logging PGE 424 PGE 365 Petrophysics Resource Econ. Technical Elect. PGE 310 PGE Prob Solv. PGE 333T PGE 337 Tech. Writing PGE 312 PGE 326 Thermodynamics Geostatistics PGE 421K Fluids Phy Chemistry B A S I C S E Q U E N C E* UGS 302 or 303 (17) Fall *C‐ or better is required of all basic sequence courses M A J O R S E Q U E N C E Soc. Sci. Elect. GOV 310L (16) Spring (17) Fall American HIS (US) (15) Fall E 316K GOV 312L (16) Spring American (US) HIS . (15) Spring 129 total hours ...
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