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Bus 505 Running Header: SMALL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES – EDUCATIONAL SERVICES Small Business Opportunities – Educational Services In APA Style School Name Here BUS 505 – Business Strategies and Proposals Professors name here May 20, 2011 INTRODUCTION The Fudge Education Center (FEC) is a woman owned small business located in Charleston, SC, that provides educational support services to both military and civilians that qualify based on a financial need. FEC is currently seeking opportunities under North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code 611710 and 611430 – for Educational Services. These services will support military and civilians in areas such as study sessions, test preparation, coaching, educational development, job training, to include resume writing, interviewing skills and job placement. The criteria for qualifying to participate in FEC’s program will be based on household income per family. For example, a family of three earning no more than $25,000 per year will qualify to participate in these programs based on a financial need. However, a family of three earning $50,000 or more will not qualify to participate in the FEC program as they do not demonstrate a financial need based on household income. FEC is in the process of seeking contracting opportunities within the small business. We are currently researching our options to see which social economic small business category will best fit FEC’s small business status. FEC’s ideal contracting opportunity would be either an 8(a) set asides, or any small business firm fixed price type contract. In order to gain a competitive advantage within the small business category, it is very important to strategically establish an excellent business plan. Equally important is the capturing team which will be discussed in the next section.
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Bus 505 Assignment 2 - Bus 505 Running Header SMALL...

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