Bus 520 Rowe Program At Best Buy

Bus 520 Rowe Program At Best Buy - Rowe Program At Best Buy...

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Rowe Program At Best Buy 1 Rowe Program at Best Buy Joyce Henry G.Francis T BUS 520: Organizational Behavior December 12, 2010 2 Introduction Competitive businesses face the challenge of being docile and successful organizations. The tasks are multifaceted when attempting to comprehend and accomplish organizational change. Employees have to adjust rapidly and leaders have to be proficient in order to be successful. The demands for change are important in the success or failure of an organization. The globalization of markets, technology advancement, increased developments of social networks, and generational differences are the most important reasons. The cultures of organizations help determine their need for change. However, the employees have to acknowledge that there is a need for change. The resistance to change may occur, if so the causes need to be recognized. Best Buy has taken an organizational change for the improvement of its employees’ productivity. This paper will discuss Best Buy’s culture, the ROWE program implemented and the resistance to the change as a result of the ROWE program. This paper will also discuss the stress that occurred and whether or not the organizational culture has helped with the change. 3 Describe the Culture of Best Buy. An organization that practices formality, rules, standard operating procedures, and hierarchical coordination has a bureaucratic culture (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011, p. 490.). The members of this type of this culture exhibit high values, for standardized goods and customer service. This is the type of culture displayed at Best Buy. “Like many other U.S. companies, Best Buy strives to meet the demands of its business-how to do things better, faster, and cheaper than its competitors-with an increasingly stressed out workforce.” Jennifer Janssen who works in the finance department is given
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the responsibility to find a missing payment of an electronics supplier. She has to leave at 4:00 to pick up her twins from day care; she has to find the suppliers payment by the end of the day. The standard operating procedure at Best Buy would be for Janssen to stay late and find the payment. The formality is the requirement of embracing working long hours and sacrificing. Darrel Owens, a veteran employee has stayed up for three days working on a report that was due. He ended up in the hospital due to this sacrifice, because of job burnout. Hierarchical conditioning and rules are a part of the bureaucratic culture at Best Buy. “There are certain people that need to be managed differently than other people. ‘Because we believe that administrative assistants need to be at their desks to serve their bosses’ (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011, p. 554.).” Tom Blesener treated his employees like bad children. Making them feel he had total control over them, he would monitor
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Bus 520 Rowe Program At Best Buy - Rowe Program At Best Buy...

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