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Code Of Ethics Paper - Code Of Ethics Paper Code of Ethics...

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Code Of Ethics Paper Code of Ethics G Francis T HCS/335 June 6, 2011 Code of Ethics Introduction Code of ethics is very important with all the different organizations and businesses that are in the world today. This paper will explain why the code of ethics is important to the organizations, what the relationship between the organization’s culture and ethical decision making is, and is it important that the organization’s ethical values support an individual’s personal ethical values. Code of ethics help an organization on making important decisions and showing what the organization stands for, and how they can help the people. M.D. Anderson Hospital is very big on code of ethics and helping their patients, there are many goals they have, ethical values, and goals for their organizations that they want to complete. This paper will explain how M.D. Anderson Hospital helps patients and stands up to the code of ethics that they have established. M.D. Anderson Hospital Goals Relationship between M.D. Anderson Hospital Goals and Ethical Principals Role and Importance Ethical Values Concerning an organization’s ethical values, it’s very important that it supports each individual’s ethical values. Ethical values are important because values are what the organization stands for. M.D. Anderson Hospital has an Institutional Code of Conduct, which includes 10 principles. These 10 principles are very important to the organization they are the values and ethics of the organization. These principles include: maintaining a working knowledge, conduct all activities with ethical standards, maintain all information be confidential, conduct all research in a manner that’s
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Code Of Ethics Paper - Code Of Ethics Paper Code of Ethics...

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