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Unformatted text preview: Unified Engineering I Fall 2003 Problem S7 (Signals and Systems) Find the Thevinin and Norton equivalent circuits for the circuits below. Hint: Add a test current to the terminals, and then determine the voltage at the terminals as a function of the test current. You should find that the terminal voltage can be expressed as v = VT + RT Itest R2 1. + R1 V4 – R3 where R1 = 3 Ω, R2 = 4 Ω, R3 = 2 Ω, V4 = 12 V 2. R1 R3 I5 R2 R4 where R1 = 1 Ω, R2 = 4 Ω, R3 = 4 Ω, R4 = 1 Ω, V5 = 10 V ...
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