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ONLINE QUIZ 2--ALTERNATE Volcanoes 1. In general, ___________ will be more likely to erupt explosively. A. a highly viscous magma B. a relatively low viscosity magma C. high-silica magma D. low-silica magma E. both a. and c. 2. Which of the following is the correct order of decreasing magma viscosity due to decreasing silica content? 3. A massive, gently sloping volcano built of successive, basaltic lava flows is a ___. 4. A layered volcano composed of successive lava and pyroclastic material beds is a ___. 5. A relatively small pyroclastic pile is a ___. A. cinder cone B. lava dome C. shield volcano D. stratovolcano 6. The volcano associated with fluid lava flows, like those on Hawaii, is a ___. 7. The volcano associated with explosive eruptions, such as those associated with subduction, is a ___. 8. Which volcano type is a steep-sided, tall mountain present on the overriding continental plate of convergent plate boundaries? 9. A magma's viscosity is directly related to its __________ content. A. iron B. silica C. aluminum
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D. potassium 10. Rhyolitic (felsic) magma is typically less fluid than basaltic (mafic) magma. True False 11. Why do magmas rise toward the Earth’s surface? 12. The smallest of the main volcano types are the cinder cones. True False 13. A large depression at the summit of a volcano is called a __________. 14. Andesitic to rhyolitic lava is characteristically extruded from volcanoes at convergent plate boundaries. True False Deformation, Geologic Structures, Mountains 1. How is “brittle” deformation different from “ductile” deformation?
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