invgame1 - N. Sheflin THE INVESTMENT GAME - ROUND 1 GET...

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N . S h e f l i n THE INVESTMENT GAME -- ROUND 1 GET RICH QUICK WITH STOCKS (not really, but at least get smarter) Congratulations, you have an imaginary $100,000 and a real 1 month to learn about investments and make (or lose) a fortune. You will invest in financial assets so as to maximize your gain, assuming liquidation by the end of the course. (This may come tru – a student from a previous semester sent an excited email indicating that he had just come into $100k + and suddenly was very interested in learning about investing) While you may eventually choose to buy a mix of stocks, mutual funds, money market instruments, WE WILL START WITH STOCK ONLY in this round. In subsequent rounds, we will talk about bonds, mutual funds, and derivatives. We will be using an on-line simulation that has some minor flaws, but is free . There will be homework, quiz and final exam questions drawn from the game which will count in your grade. WARNING . The purpose of the investment game is to increase your interest and knowledge of economics, and give you some exposure to investment and finance. It is not real and this should not be done with real money . Further, the rules of prudent investment call for well-diversified portfolios and long holding periods. A short answer to a complicated question is
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This note was uploaded on 01/29/2012 for the course 220 103 taught by Professor Sheflin during the Fall '09 term at Rutgers.

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invgame1 - N. Sheflin THE INVESTMENT GAME - ROUND 1 GET...

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