sp_S1_mud - Lecture S1 Muddiest Points General Comments Its...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture S1 Muddiest Points General Comments Its great to be back lecturing! Now the mud: Responses to Muddiest-Part-of-the-Lecture Cards (29 cards) 1. Are we going to review what we did last term? (1) No, but Id be happy to answer any questions you have about last term in oce hours. 2. Would you say that Unified Signals and Systems (both terms) is more 6.002 or 6.003 stuff ? (1) The fall term was a small slice of 6.002; the spring term is much of 6.003, except that we do not do discrete-time signals. 3. Has the problem with Airbuses you discussed in class ever caused the loss of an aircraft? (1) No, thankfully. 4. Are all physical systems linear or nonlinear? Time-invariant or time-varying? Please give an example of a nonlinear equation. (1) Yes, all physical systems can be characterized as linear or nonlinear, and time-invariant or time-varying. In fact, all physical systems are nonlinear for large enough input signals, but many can be modeled as linear for reasonable inputs. The differential equations for the dynamics of an aircraft are nonlinear, because the lift is a nonlinear function of the velocity dynamic pressure is proportional to the square of the velocity. 5. I liked your example of the actuator problem in the Airbus aircraft. (1) Great! 6. Is there a limit to the number of inputs and outputs to and from a system? (1) No, although we will deal almost exclusively with single-input, single-output systems. I had a grad student who designed a control system for a system with 55 inputs and 55 outputs....
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sp_S1_mud - Lecture S1 Muddiest Points General Comments Its...

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