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spl2a - 2006 UE Flight Competition Rules 23 Mar 06 Contest...

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2006 UE Flight Competition Rules 23 Mar 06 Contest Scoring The contest objective is to make a flight with the largest Mission Score, defined as: Mission Score = t + kV max V max = maximum velocity during the flight, measured over a speed run t = flight duration k = 100 s / (m / s) Flight Rules 1. The aircraft must take off and land from the ground. 2. Timing of flight starts at liftoff, and ends at final touchdown. 3. The speed run must be performed no sooner than 3 minutes into the flight. 4. For scoring, t will be multiplied by the nominal/actual battery capacity ratio. 5. Momentary contact of landing gear with the ground does not end the flight. Aircraft Rules 1. Must use the provided Speed-280 motor, directly driving a propeller. 2. Must use the provided 6-cell 350 mAh NiCd batteries, E batt = 8500 J nominal capacity. 3. Must use the provided 2 servos. 4. The wing must be constructed entirely from one of the foams available in the Gelb lab.
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