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Unified Aerial Competition and 16.00 LTA project – General Gelb Lab rules and guidelines April 2006, rev 1 Here are some general rules and guidelines about working in the Gelb Lab on the Aerial Competition and LTA events. We can’t cover every contingency or issue so if there are any questions that arise, please ask for assistance or help from Dick Perdichizzi, Pete Young, Dave Robertson, or the TAs. Workspaces: - Unified: please work two teams to a table. Make up a label to mark which table your team is using. . - Do not mix epoxy on the bare workbench – do this on scrap paper, cardboard, or some other disposable surface. - Please try to keep your workspace tidy; use the trash cans. - Respect the work of other teams and don’t tamper with their work or radio equipment Supplies and equipment: - In the tall lockers against the back wall, you will find adhesives (superglue, 2 part epoxies, wood glue), sanding equipment, and other equipment - Superglue – “a little goes a long way” so use as little as possible. “More” is NOT
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