spr_sysprob3 - Lab 3 – DC Motor / Propeller...

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Unformatted text preview: Lab 3 – DC Motor / Propeller Characterization Unified Engineering 27 Feb 06 Learning Objectives • Measure thrust, torque, electrical power with prop test rig and wind tunnel • Create motor/prop performance curves Secondary Objectives, for Flight Competition Project • Get familiar with propulsion terminology and propeller performance parameters Experimental Rig • Test Article: Propeller/motor unit in 1 ′ × 1 ′ tunnel in Bldg 33 hangar • Instrumentation: – Tunnel’s pitot-static probe for airspeed measurement – Prop test rig with thrust and torque gauges – Power supply with voltage and current meters – Strobe for measuring RPM Test Conditions • Fixed motor terminal voltages: v = 3 Volts , 6 Volts • Nominal wind tunnel speeds: V = 0 . . . V o (static to zero-load condition) Suggested tunnel speed increments: Δ V ≃ 1 m / s for v = 3 Volts , 2 m / s for v = 6 Volts Wind-off Sensor Tare data, prop mounted, wind off. • T tare , Q tare from load sensor. Enter these in T read , Q read columns for convenience....
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spr_sysprob3 - Lab 3 – DC Motor / Propeller...

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