sysprob4 - Unified Systems Problem 4 WATER BOTTLE ROCKET...

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WATER BOTTLE ROCKET BUILD AND TEST Learning Objectives The objectives of this systems problem are for you to: Complete a hands-on experience by working with a partner to design, build and test a water rocket with an objective of maximizing the height of the trajectory; Assess sources for variability in the launch/test procedures; and Demonstrate your understanding of the assumptions and limitations of your analytical model for rocket performance by comparing the results with your test data and discussing the most significant reasons for differences. Overview This is the third of the three consecutive systems problems devoted to the design and of a small rocket propelled by compressed air and water. In this systems problem, you will work with a partner to: 1. Design a water rocket that will achieve the maximum height possible given that: a. The rocket must begin from rest at ground level. b. You must utilize the given launching mechanism without modification or alteration. c. The sole source of stored energy must be compressed air at a maximum of 60 psi gauge pressure. d. You must be able to launch your rocket five times in rapid succession (<5 minutes turn around time). e. You may use any components or materials you wish as long as your design is safe to operate. 2. Build your rocket given that: a. Construction materials will be freely available from the TAs while in stock including balsa, clay, and hot glue. 3.
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sysprob4 - Unified Systems Problem 4 WATER BOTTLE ROCKET...

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