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Unformatted text preview: Lab 7 – Detailed Wing Optimization Unified Engineering 23 Mar 06 Learning Objectives • Design work involving quantitative tradeoffs between competing objectives. • Documentation of new wing design. • Documentation of design approach or design process. Procedure • Perform design tradeoffs for the wing of your UE Flight Competition airplane in order to achieve maximum flight score. This will be a more detailed and more quantitative continu- ation of the exercises from Labs 1 and 4. • Obtain low-speed and high-speed performance predictions. These should be by-products of the design tradeoff calculations. • Document the new wing design as itemized below. • Summarize the design process you used as itemized below. Reporting • Each team will turn in one report. • Contents: — Title, team number, team member names, date — Brief introduction explaining purpose of report. This is aimed at an outside reader who is not familiar with the UE Competition....
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