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Unformatted text preview: Lab 8 – Basic Airplane Configuration Design Unified Engineering 6 Apr 06 Learning Objectives • Sizing of tail surfaces and dihedral to meet stability and control criteria. • Design of aircraft layout. • 3-View and table documentation of aircraft configuration. Procedure • Correct any calculation errors which occurred in the wing design in Lab 7. • Choose a specific wing design. This may differ somewhat from what you submitted for Lab 7, even if that was correct. • Optional “field research”: Measure Plane Vanilla, and compute its stability and control parameters: S.M., V h , V v , B • Choose suitable stability and control parameter values for your airplane, and design an aircraft configuration to match. This will involve selecting AR h , S h , S v , ℓ h , stylish tail sur- face planforms, etc. Iterate if necessary. Sketching a top-view of the airplane during this procedure may be helpful. Determine the NP and CG locations for your airplane....
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