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Unformatted text preview: Lab 10 – Wing Structural Analysis and Bending Test Unified Engineering 20 Apr 06 Learning Objectives • Structural analysis of a foam wing. • Benchtop bending test of wing, and comparison with analysis. Procedure • Correct any calculation errors which occurred in the wing design in previous Labs. • Cut your wing on the AA CNC foam cutter. Save the “scrap” foam beds which remain. • Measure the actual root and tip chords and thicknesses c r , c t , t r , t t of the airfoil. Their ratios will not correspond exactly to your τ and λ , because the foam cutting isn’t perfect. For multi-panel wings, measure the thicknesses at the two ends of each panel. • Perform the spreadsheet structural analysis of your wing, per the Lab 10 notes. Use a spanwise bending inertia distribution I ( y ) = 0 . 037 c t 3 corresponding to your measured chords and thicknesses. For a simple taper, the local c , t would be c ( y ) = c r + ( c t − c r ) 2 y/b t ( y ) = t r + ( t t − t r ) 2 y/b...
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