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Unformatted text preview: Lab 11 – Flight Readiness Check (half-lab) Unified Engineering 1 May 06 Procedure • Finish getting your airplane ready for flight • Demonstrate flight readiness on May 4. Demonstration • Perform a brief controlled flight during the May 4 flying session, or . . . • In the lab, show that your aircraft exhibits all of the following: — Airframe is structurally sound — Landing gear is functional — CG is in the correct location (per Lab 8 notes) — Geometric decalage is correct, roughly 2◦ –5◦ (see Lab 9 “Decalage Angle” sheet) — Control pushrods are reasonably slop-free and buckle-resistant — Motor and control surfaces can be actuated by your transmitter Schedule The May 4 flying session will start at 2PM in Johnson. Ending time will be no later than 5PM, although we may finish earlier if things go smoothly. In addition to obtaining the lab grade, you should use this session as an opportunity to practice flying. We will also try to set up the speed timing system for this session. Grading This lab’s grade is worth 1/2 of the usual lab points. A successful flight will receive 100% of the maximum possible grade. A lab demo will receive anywhere from 0% (no significant work done), to 90% (could be flown immediately). 1 ...
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