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UNIFIED ENGINEERING Fall 2003 Ian A. Waitz Problem T5. (Unified Thermodynamics) a) Draw a thermodynamic cycle on p-v and T- v diagrams consisting of Leg 1-2: adiabatic expansion Leg 2-3: constant volume heat addition Leg 3-4: constant pressure expansion Leg 4-1: isothermal compression Assume that all processes are quasi-static and involve an ideal gas. On the p-v diagram,
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Unformatted text preview: include lines of constant temperature in the background. On the T-v diagram, include lines of constant pressure in the background. b) For each leg, determine if the heat and work transfers are (+), (-), or zero. c) Is the net work for this cycle positive or negative? d) What common purpose might you use a cycle like this for and why? (LO#3, LO#4, LO#5, LO#6)...
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