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UNIFIED ENGINEERING Fall 2003 Ian A. Waitz Problem T11 (Unified Thermodynamics) A device called a heat exchanger is shown below. Assume that both the hot side flow and the cold side flow behave as ideal gases with R=287 J/kg-K, c p =1003.5 J/kg-K, and c v = 716.5 J/kg-K. Thermally-insulated COLD SIDE HOT SIDE 1kg/s T=300K c=50 m/s p=200kPa 5kg/s T=500K c=100 m/s p=400kPa 5kg/s T=? c=75 m/s p=100kPa 1kg/s T=350K c=60 m/s p=100kPa a) What is the temperature at the exit of the hot side flow? (LO# 4)
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Unformatted text preview: b) This is a quote from Thermodynamics for Engineers by Wong,2000 by CRC Press. No work is done in a heat exchanger. Do you agree or disagree and why? Please substantiate your argument with a calculation. (LO# 4) c) Is the process in this device reversible or irreversible and why? (Do not do a calculation; answer with a few sentences) (LO# 5) d) Describe the energy exchange processes in the device in terms of various forms of energy, heat and work. (LO# 2)...
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