t11_ps04_sol - ——'"....._--’ TH 50LuTwNS (WEE \...

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Unformatted text preview: ——'"....._--’ TH 50LuTwNS (WEE \ a? ?_ a) MPH SFEE To (cu) Stu"; To BEFmeE 375 “gums—1.2920 Ks Ham, (i). THEM we mus m sFE€ Rm HGT me To SOLVE FafL ‘gfl: NT, Sm: isms: hum, +£15.6- 2_ Z g: LII-13“ ht 7' Ck}. (.TJ."TI\ (REAL Cum) 5mg: 0 ‘ Z \ l C} = k [tuuii'gi (ES—OK—BCCFB f (BOMB _ :( 3 I:34“ E '2. \é} : $6293 373' L {+3 ewes mum To 5%sz HUTSIDE: ‘_J:r’ a; fi IIEEFIU W QM Star? 3 M r go’hgjé _ I f we [swgkm‘mmwv @0339} .m 2' a, TWT, HUT b) No (ME: Wowgl 3c DOME , Edmng flow wow; : PU‘A- 6"":- _ PH V“... :' E CTé-NT *‘T H\ Wham) : 7 $1111: 331) k #Ebd k]: A kK/pj U 3 k g r ' - Worm. C \M l mg I I“ “U (Doug L31 Fwd 2119M \Ll 5 ' “2 OF 3 gHoT' Mgkgfizk—Sfla: 'HSkw [HUGH ow: cw Raw 9 TD COMWSS IT- Wfir 7- MAP lava — kl-S’kw Na” 5 2 «W W (.30 mafia. ts M2? New. Game .891 THE HEM“ Exam“ an, 3151' MOT FLNU MUM; a) Maggi 1e, HZIL‘éUEKSLBIE w Lqu mm A we? Bfllik NEXT E A (1511) Baku; (HEM )(IFHZ ACME. A flmrg TEMPmMUvaz OtFF‘Ul‘cMcQ) cmon pd? s‘iafium BfiCK TO lMTiftL QATE wrrHouT CHMle “THE Sxfl (ZOUMJ MS . A) “1% M flow Emacs THE QEMCE WW mm :errzwu M113 Madam auUUH. THE (ch How zNTreM THE 53mm MTG: Loud ER KtNETLc. M10 [MfiflN-fit mam. QZLAUQE ac THE “rampamean glffgflim CE, Swab»! Hews WM Tm; Hos—5le TO—rpfi (our) SIDE (HMTTflMJSFERB, TH’iflflB‘f préIMb TP’E' Klpi‘flcufiwb )LTWNWL {QM-{(4104 OFfifi am SW%&M MID qutfluua mg 14mm: M10 I'MULML 6? THE HUT STfliAM. THEQE. xs MSG «Fwd OF mm om“ o‘é’rHE wgrauw m»: ‘w 80TH our: T142 Grimm/Ls EXIT“th TtiffowmlCE (WEE/Um, 5mm} MD 1% @1276 THE Nahum: 130mm THE. gum/WWW m We Rand wmwc LiAUNE 7M ONCE, ...
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This note was uploaded on 01/28/2012 for the course AERO 16.01 taught by Professor Markdrela during the Fall '05 term at MIT.

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t11_ps04_sol - ——'"....._--’ TH 50LuTwNS (WEE \...

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