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UNIFIED ENGINEERING Fall 2003 Ian A. Waitz Problem U1. (Range Equation) a) Assuming steady-level flight and no fuel reserves, estimate the range of a B-777 using the information given in the lecture notes (and/or on Boeing’s web page). How well does this compare to the estimates Boeing publishes on their web page? b) Now assuming that L/D, propulsion system efficiency and final weight are unchanged, estimate the range of a B-777 if the same volume of liquid hydrogen were to be used
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Unformatted text preview: instead of Jet-A. c) Derive an equation for the range of a battery-powered aircraft in steady-level flight. Express the range in terms of L/D, propulsion system efficiency, battery mass and heating value, and aircraft weight. Estimate the range of a B-777 if the fuel was taken out and replaced with its equivalent weight in batteries. “FUEL” Heating Value (MJ/kg) Density (kg/m 3 ) Jet-A 42.8 800 Liquid Hydrogen 120 70 Batteries 2.5 8000...
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