zm1mud - Muddy Card Responses Lecture M1 There was...

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Muddy Card Responses Lecture M1 There was relatively little mud on this lecture - which is perhaps not surprising given the subject matter. There were various direct and oblique comments regarding my PRS question on the cost of a human life. I acknowledge that I was being deliberately provocative in having you put a dollar amount on a human life. Clearly the real answer is that "it all depends on the situation and context" . However I hope that it was a useful exercise in asking you to think about the question of "how safe is safe enough". If every engineering system was designed and operated on the basis that a human life is literally priceless then modern civilization would grind to a halt! "How safe is safe enough" is a recurring question that practicing engineers have to answer, either explicitly on implicitly. There were various comments about a human life being priceless, which when it is our own, or someone who we are close to is certainly the case, however, the cold reality of engineering systems is that people are not willing to pay infinite costs to ensure safety. The idea that safety is a requirement in its own right came up from a couple of responses. I have some sympathy with this, but at some point someone has to perform a safety assessment of the structure and evaluate whether it is worth improving the safety of the structure by implementing certain engineering improvements. Were there any important concepts beside the cost of safety and weight that I should take
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zm1mud - Muddy Card Responses Lecture M1 There was...

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