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Intro - Intro Science of Sound A Sound Sound as...

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Intro: Science of Sound A. Sound Sound as vibration (air molecules) sound made but not necessarily heard Sound as perception sound is heard and interpreted in the mind Any definition of music will require a combination of the both listed types of sounds listed above B. Vibration Irregular objects DO NOT vibrate well flat & quickly gone (ex: kitchen table) Regular objects vibrate well (ex: guitar or violin string) C. Sound wave Passing of a vibrational energy through a medium such as air, water etc Compression wave energy is squeezed and then stretched Ocean waves transverse waves energy moves from side to side The medium lighter than air(helium) squeakier the voice The medium heavier than air(sulfur hexafluoride) deeper the voice D. Every sound wave is different Yet they travel at the same speed Vary according to altitude At sea level 340m/s The farther the sound travels the softer is gets
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