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Globalization: A Contested Concept Steger’s Thesis Reject the idea that globalization is based on dichotomies 1. Universal vs. Particular 2. Global vs. local Argues that globalization is defined by the ties that link these dichotomies interpenetration of 2 aspects Advocates multidimensional approach to globalization A. Deconstructing Osama Bin Laden Oct 7, 2001 The video made its way from the secluded eastern Afghanistan to 5 continents today. The tape could be viewed by anyone who had access to a computer and a modem The existence of a chain of global interconnections that made possible the instant broadcast of the video Bin Laden’s apparel in the video cross cultural, hybridization Bin Laden’s weapon AK-47 was probably made in Russia Bin Laden’s watch Timex, American B. Towards a definition of Globalization
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Globalization Set of social processes (change, transformation) NOT a single process, but a multidimensional process Operation that interacts as a WHOLE Social dynamics of globalization are intricate and sometimes contradictory 2. Globality Social condition that makes boundaries irrelevant (future oriented) 3. Global imaginary consciousness of belonging to a global community awareness of being connected in various ways 4. Five qualities and characteristics of Globalization: Movement toward greater integration Creation of new, multiplication of the existing Expansion and stretching of social relations (financial markets) Intensification & acceleration of social exchanges (satellites) Transformation of human consciousness...
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