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Lab Report Ex 1 Prob 3 - agreed with our hypothesis...

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Lab Report February 13 th 2008 Lab Report Experiment 1 Problem 3 Introduction- In problem 3 we tested the acceleration of an objected being trusted up an incline. We recorded time, velocity, and acceleration as the car went up and back down the inclined track. Theoretical- In theory the only acceleration factor acting on the car is gravity. The car has a constant velocity in the x-direction. Acceleration is only in the y-direction and it is a constant 9.8 m/s (squared). Experimental - In the experiment we only did four runs because the evidence strongly
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Unformatted text preview: agreed with our hypothesis. Acceleration was constant after the initial push we asserted on the car. Data- The ramp of the incline was 8.8 degrees. The mass of the car was 230 grams. In order to find acceleration we did gravity * (Height of track/ track length) = acceleration. The data all comes out to prove the acceleration is constant. Conclusion- Once your hand is off of the car the only acceleration force acting on it is gravity. Acceleration due to gravity is a constant, and that constant is 9.8 m/s (squared)....
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